Edwin Triviños / Web and App Developer

I am a software developer with 13+ years of experience, with a high degree of responsibility and passionate about new technologies. My work has allowed me to know web, mobile and desktop development. Winner of 2 CODENSA awards in the area of technological innovation. My work is based on providing tools for software that allow […]

Ana Lucía Varón Grajales / Graphic Designer

Ana Lucía is a graphic designer with experience in creating corporate identity, from the beginning of the brand to recreating its entire environment and in editorial design as a designer and diagram-mer. In recent years her work has also focused on digital marketing, content creation, focused design for social networks.“I am currently expanding my knowledge […]

Fay Hinkson / International Market Research Consultant

Fay Hinkson is a seasoned market research professional with twenty years’ experience. Fay brings a unique combination of skills to draw insight from market research, statistical modelling and economic analysis to guide successful strategies. Fay has designed and led quantitative and qualitative research projects, b-to-b and b-to-c, for leading global corporations such as Michelin, Yamaha, […]

Maikel Parets / Social Media Strategy

Born in Havana, Cuba, Maikel Parets immigrated to Canada in 1999 after graduating from the Polytechnic Institute of Chemistry and obtaining a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology. His passion for internet technology started in 2001 when he began working as technical support agent for one of the biggest broadband internet companies in the world. A year […]

Jiddu Rivadeneira / Design

OVER 20 YEARS creating and overseeing the production of magazines, books, packaging, advertisement and marketing material for multinational clients in Ecuador like AVON, Nestlé, Schering-Plough and also for other important companies like Supermaxi (the largest supermarket in Ecuador), Pronaca (the largest food production company in Ecuador). In Germany for Trucker Magazine and Tours Magazine. 4 […]

Sherese Johnson / Marketing Strategy

Sherese Johnson has worked with many well-known brands and start-ups across North America to create and execute marketing plans that connect businesses and organizations with the right audience, at the right time. For over 15 years Sherese has worked as a consultant at the intersection of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Marketing and Business Development to […]

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